It all started with a passion for beach-combing - collecting sea-bleached driftwood, washed-up fishing floats and other flotsam and jetsam. Then I started picking up brightly coloured plastic lighters, bits of rope, twisted fragments of rusty metal, in fact all sorts of debris thrown out by the sea. The collection started to become unmanageable until, one day I picked up a boat-shaped piece of driftwood and, using other bits and pieces, I made it into a quirky fishing boat. I gave her a name, Jane, and a Fowey registration plate, then someone called Jane bought her. I went on to make a whole fleet of boats, each one with a different character, depending on which beach-combed items I used. I had fun choosing names for them and started taking commissions where the name of the recipient was used on the boat. A gallery in Fowey, Cry of the Gulls, and their other gallery in Brighton took a few and they soon sailed out the door! I make the boats in a beach hut studio surrounded by all the inspiring oddments I find on my walks along the beach.

If you would like to commission a driftwood boat or are interested in acquiring any of the artwork displayed here, please get in touch.